Hello there . . .

Down Home is a journal about cultivating a gentle life. Written by a woman devoted to using and advocating for natural fibers and materials in our homes, taking notice and care (most especially of the planet), and nourishing Wonder in little ones and adults alike. I like to write on subjects like line drying and home birth, journeying for land and farming, and the quiet things that live between. That’s a taste of what you are likely to find here. Flowers, too.

I hope to learn what brings you here, and what sets your heart aflame. Thank you for stopping by.

A little more . . .

My name is Samantha. I am a woman, mother, and maker.

In rural Ohio, alongside my husband and our little ones, I tend to the good, honest work of making a home and nurturing our family. Having spent most of my twenties working on vegetable and livestock farms, I have come to love the soil and that which nourishes it in a deep, convicted way. We are in pursuit of land on which to raise our children, grow wool, meat, vegetables and fruit trees, and most of all build healthy soils. I know it is coming; I rest my faith in this hope and comfort. Speaking of faith, mine is a living, breathing part of me that challenges and calms, lying rooted in the Catholic tradition. (I love the saints, but hold a special devotion to Isidore and Lucia.) For now I tend to a small (very special) brick house in town, and the plot that sits behind it. My favorite author is Gabriel García Márquez and my favorite color is pink.

Out in the wild . . .

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