Morning is my favorite season. Someone among you knows exactly what I mean. Ephemeral, gentle, dewy, new. I dare to say I even love summer in the morning. The roads are still, but not due to supper or retiring for the night; no, the roads are still because all are being awoken to a day anew. The birdswhen there are birdshappily awake before us, beckoning us to join them in song and forever enticing Ghost. 

Nothing makes me happy in quite the same way as coffee prepared early in the morning and made to share.  Ideally, I can take the morning slow and cook something in local lard or greek olive oil, but even when that's not the case, and even when the case is that I am sloshing coffee down my sweater as I walk out the door for work, I still feel joyful. I am addicted to caffeine, to be sure; but to only state the obvious degrades the act of coffee. It is an act, an art form. 

If one is interested in nesting, surely coffee + morning will do the trick. In my estimation they are a perfect pair. But they are not the only things that pair well. All week I have been calling to mind the earthly and unearthly pairings that materialize if we simply allow.


The scent of Autumn and the act of crunching leaves beneath your feet. A cooing child (or a purring animal) and the feeling of deep content. The warmness of your cheeks after a glass of wine and the best, creamiest cake you've ever tasted. Strumming a perfect chord and closing your eyes to hear it again. What are the things that do the trick for you? Which are the life pairings that you cannot help but feel joy over?

Sink your teeth into these things. Indulge in them, for they exist for a reason. 

The love of my life returns home in a week's time. I know he'll come with stories on frost-covered Norwegian roads, hearty beef stews consumed in Ireland, and reflections on Gabriel Garcia Marquez (our favorite author and consistent travel comrade). I am already eager in anticipation, but most of all I am eager to hear everything over coffee in the morning.