vegetable broth

During our time as Instagram-aholics, it was common practice to fall asleep while scrolling through our own profiles, mindlessly scanning the same photos over and over and over again on small, illuminated screens. Engaging in social media definitely made us more savvy with cameras; maybe we even saw the world with more of an artistic eye. No two ways about it—our camera rolls are chock full of accidental photos of our feet and dimly lit shots of our cat looking ugly. But we read before bed now so, in the grand scheme of things, a junky photo roll ain't so bad. (Sam is reading Mary Poppins, and Mark 1Q84. One of us has pregnancy brain and thus appreciates a book written for small children.)

This collection of photos, taken in Autumn, comes from our phones and proves (to us, at least) that not all artistry is lost in a sans-social media life. Here's a bit of what we've been up to, really:

Leaning deeply into becoming Ohio people. She grows the baby and knits for shim, he does the odd jobs: tending bar at one uncle's island restaurant, re-seeding another uncle's lawn, changing fuses on the archaic fusebox at Grandma's House. We have logged thousands of miles in our aging Subaru driving around the state for work and for school and for play. Columbus boasts family time, old haunts, and illuminating & introspective lessons courtesy of Farm School. (It's been fun—oddly romantic, even—to exercise our academic muscles together, while doing A Very Adult Thing in writing a business plan for our future farm.) Cleveland offers fresh bagels, Thai food, our sisters, and the chance to remark on how there are young people everywhere. It's enlivening! In what is surely an effort to reacquaint ourselves with this mighty state, we hike—slowly, so slowly—around the preserves and wild spaces of our state. So far Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Holmes County have inspired us most acutely, illuminating our proclivity for rolling hills. (Note to selves: find and buy the farm on rolling land.) 

Some days, it feels as though we've been swept up in a leaf storm—pulled in different directions, quite literally, and trying to get our bearings about us. But sometimes the crisp autumn air stills itself, and we can see clearly just how blessed we are to be home again. 

7 months