Around here a lot of photos get taken and stored in a computer folder, never to be printed, shared, or even admired, really. Usually they're just one-off photos that one of us took for no particular reason other than the moment struck us. It seems a real shame that we might have loved a moment, but feel it's not good enough or clean enough for our blog. Don't get us wrong, we've shared plenty of less-than-perfect images, but they have tended to fit into the context of the entire post. But no longer! Mark was the one who expressed his growing weariness over crafting blog posts, coupled with his growing desire to post single images with little or no writing accompanying. Thus, 'Photos From Afield' is born.

This particular image is home exactly as home looks in the winter: post-work beers on the coffee table, a box of yarn, our cat asleep fireside, bits + bobs strewn about. A well-loved space. That's all.