After more than a week's worth of pondering the forecast, wondering whether or not our favorite farm store's annual pancake breakfast was going to be cancelled, winter storm Stella arrived. She announced herself at daybreak with a few inches of powder to walk through on our way to the barn. Then she gathered... and fast. As the snow drifts piled several feet high by late morning, we decided to play it safe and take our breakfast next door at Wayward Goose Farm.

The hatches were battened down. All of the animals were safely closed into the barns, with boards of plywood temporarily tacked up over the windows. The kids were snuggled up under heat lamps, bellies full of milk. Meanwhile, every doe & buck lined up along the aisle of the barn and munched hay to its heart's content. And so, we enjoyed the sights of the blizzard from a window seat for an hour or two set to the tune of Duke Ellington's greatest hits, with the aroma of pancakes, bacon, coffee, and all manner of maple product, and with the company of farmers—all savoring the chance for a quick respite on the snow day of the year.

Though it may not feel so here in Vermont, Spring is near, and Kidding Season is gathering like a sudden storm in its own right. But for now we enjoy the relative stillness of a world wrapped in a thick blanket of snow. Here's hoping what they say is true: "in like a lion, out like a lamb."