Pizza is the universal love language, yes? A true culinary gift to civilization from Naples, Italy; a harbinger of dough-centric food exploration in our country, if you will. Any way you sling it, it's good. My grandma and my parents make  supremely comforting sheet pan pizza that is so delicious—so buttery—that there is nary a leftover slice. Mark's homemade pizza pie traditions are all to do with layering pepperoni over thin crust dough picked up from the store. And nobody loves pizza more than Mark, so I trust it was great. Nearly every date he and I went on during our first year together was either: A) picking up a pie from a campus pizza spot to eat on the couch, or B) dining at our favorite pizza parlor, each with an accompanying Molson Golden. Nowadays, we get together with our neighbor friends every so often and bake 'za after 'za until we are so full that we amble slowly home. Tonight will be such an occasion! Mark is always on dough duty; he uses a recipe from Flour, Water, Salt, YeastDo you have a pizza tradition—homemade, delivery, take-out, what have you? I'd love to hear. If not, perhaps it's time to start one!