When it comes to being in love, words have never done my heart much justice. It almost seems a disservice to attempt any sort of quantification of what position love assumes. Still, I feel drawn to marking special occasions with some amount of written word. Love letters, I guess. For all that I have yet to understand about marriage, or the incredible chaos of love, I do know that I'm thick in it. So when I sound maddeningly like mush, as I am oft to do, let us blame Mark. As it were, in a couple days he will have been rounding the sun for a quarter-century. 25 on the 29th. Without further rambling, here's a "happy almost birthday" commentary on my best ever life accomplice.

If you know him, you love him. Affable, gentle, with a touch of grandiosity in his storytelling. Smarter than most of us, but brilliant because he doesn't care for being smart so much as he simply loves to learn. Always saying he knows nothing about music because he "does not know music theory", yet he constantly fills our house with melodies from his piano, ukulele, percussion instruments, and a soon-to-arrive violin bass guitar. Skims every page of the newspaper before throwing it into the fire (a similarity to my grandpa that I am convinced is not coincidental). Will happily talk sports for hours with anyone interested, but just as easily discuss the merits of linen versus cotton with his wife. Will make you feel there has never been a better cook than you, and he means it. A real slam dunk of a human being. 

Thanks for building every fire and for keeping our house — literally and proverbially — warm.
(P.S. Can't wait to have your babies.)

All of these images are from our journey to Greece in May 2016.
Photos 1 & 3 were taken by Mark, and are two of my all-time favorite images. Though none so good as photo 4.


Photo credit for this & all images below:  Mallory + Justin   / featured on  The Wonders Blog

Photo credit for this & all images below: Mallory + Justin  / featured on The Wonders Blog

A few months ago, very shortly before moving out of our well loved tiny apartment, our beautiful friend Mallory came by with her beautiful camera. She and her husband, Justin, are something of our spirit couple. With more than a decade on us in the 'together' department, it is as if they have already dreamt the life dreams we have; already started intensely pursuing the exodus of Stuff from their lives. Together they are renovating a vintage motorhome + hitting the road permanently as traveling photographers! They will be in quest for mountains, joy, and intention. Let me reiterate: spirit couple. When Mal asked if she could come over for coffee and picture taking in our apartment for her just launched The Wonders Blog, "for all the things we wonder about," we quickly said yes. Her blog is full of magic. No pretense or formula about it. We are honored to be a part of it.

The images Mal took of us glimpse the genuine joy Mark and I are both beholden too. He pacifies me. My fiery heart he cools. Today happens to be his birthday. This particular 24-year old is a man whose life and actions warrant celebration. Others — people, animals, land — are made better because of him. We ought to celebrate more often the things in life that better the world around us. I'll go first.

Because of my husband, my life holds a sea of meaning I cannot describe in word. A meaning so intertwined with his being that when I look at him, I see my own heart; overflowing, struggling, growing, gripping. The deeply in love among you will likely understand this. How blessed we are to hold an honest, young love that will someday, God willing, become an honest, maturated love. A joyous birth day indeed. 

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