domestic wool


Brooklyn Tweed Ranch 02 Curlycup Wool Yarn by Samantha Spigos

I am knitting a very special hat, and I am giving it away to one of you. October marks four years of blogging here and three years of knitting. I feel more ready than ever before to connect with, and grow, my readership. Your dropping in here has been a balm to me in times of trial, and a gift in times of delight. Truly, thank you. And if you are new here, welcome! I want to know you. But back to the giveaway.

I love wool. It is my number three passion after my faith and my family, and I might add that of the three, it’s the simplest. Long lauding the miraculous properties of wool (temperature regulating! antimicrobial! renewable!), it’s high time I actually bring it into your home. I suspect some among ye fall into the “wool is scratchy and itchy and I steer clear of it” camp. Ah, what a disservice the industrial production of wool has done us. I settled on a truly special yarn to knit a gorgeous hat pattern with, and I assure you it is neither scratchy nor itchy, but rather soft and bouncy.

How to win . . .

All you have to do to enter to win is subscribe to my newsletter. That’s it. In a few weeks this gem will be ready, at which time I will randomly choose a winner, wrap it up Just So—complete with a handwritten wool care guide—and send it in the post to you. And one more thing: my prayer intention for this project will be for the peace and safety of the migrant families at our southern border. As I knit, stitch by stitch, I will pray. I am thrilled to be doing this, and hope it can be the first of many woolen giveaways. Are you excited?


About the glorious wool . . .

It’s a single-batch release (when it’s gone, it’s gone) of USA-grown, milled, and dyed wool from the Rambouillet sheep at Forbes farm in Kaycee, Wyoming. This is next-t0-skin soft yarn, but will be hardwearing. I fell hard for this wool the moment I read about it, especially seeing it knit up as a Tillage Hat, which is precisely the pattern I’ll be knitting for you. I chose the colorway Curlycup, named after a western wildflower. Not all yellows are created equal; this one is vibrant and complex and a straight ray of sunshine. Everything about this yarn and pattern speaks to my passion: American fiber farming, domestic mills, and land stewardship. As special as this will be for me to knit, it is the knowledge that it will be going to you, or your loved one, that makes me most happy.

I will certainly share about this project along the way, but the giveaway won’t last long, so . . .
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Photographs 2 & 3 via Brooklyn Tweed.