iced coffee pourover and stoneware cup by samantha spigos
iced coffee with cream spilling over a stoneware cup by samantha spigos

Iced coffee season is upon us. April turned May, officially closing the maybe-fullest month of my life. We spent the final hours of April stripping the remnants of wallpaper from a room that is asking to become a dining room. Stripping wallpaper, at least the way we did it (hot water + fabric softener + elbow grease + some cursing), reminded us of our days renovating Pink Cameron. When we bought the house at the beginning of the month, we anticipated moving quickly on several indoor / outdoor house projects. What we did not foresee was just how many hours each would take, or how much my belly would grow, or that we would be burying our cat at the end of the same month. It was a month of joy and grief. Spring waits for no one, and so we propel onward.

May brought seventy degrees and sunshine, which necessitates two things: stepping outside and drinking iced coffee. Also, the fence crew arrived, which means soon our Very Fast Child will get to roam around without her mom and dad on her tail every step of the way. I truly cannot wait to simply observe her in the outdoors—not monitor or direct her footing so that she doesn’t hurl herself into the road, but just observe her.

white vinyl fence posts by samantha spigos
child with phlox against a brick house by samantha spigos

One more thing: our Main Street is lined with ornamental pear trees, from which delicate white petals have been cascading onto the sidewalks, atop cars, and through open windows. It’s heavenly. Mark called it our very own Macondo.

Wishing you a very exuberant and grounded May. What small wonders are surrounding you?