Unedited scans of a place wholly un-captured. A place so unquantifiable in form or photo that it remains, in completeness, a slice of our memories. A place we can only say aloud with a wistful tone of voice; a place that will remain with us forever. A place you must go.

To get here, you will travel hours on buses and trainsyou'll bring a book, but you'll spend most of your time trying to fall asleep in order to beat the heat. You won't. Eventually, you will cross through the Plain of Thessaly, a vast expanse of agricultural meccagreen, orderly;  very unlike the Greece you know.  The 'getting there' part has ended when your feet touch ground in Kalambaka, a village resting at the foot of the most beautiful place your eyes have ever viewed, and they have viewed many beautiful things. 

You are there. You are at Meteora.


Rather than inundate your impression of this place with our own verbiage, we will let these photos rest. Our travel style is to soak up places that are unpopulated, and with that philosophy comes a quietness in sharing; a desire to let youthe viewer, the reader, the listenerform your own impression.

These images were taken with a beloved Canon AE-1, an un-special 35 mm camera with a special ability to capture just the sort of images we want to keep forever. Of course, they do not do Meteora justice (not even a little bit), even for us who were there. But they do provide an unadulterated look back at what was the most magnificent place we'd ever seen. Meteora: the place we hope you find yourself visiting.