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atlantic ocean 2
pond pine cones
pine forest
atlantic ocean 1
mom and elle
west virginia 2
rosemary at the ocean
loblolly pine by samantha spigos
woodpecker damage to a swamp tree by samantha spigos
the ocean at sunrise by samantha spigos
rosemary sleeping at sunset by samantha spigos
west virginia 1

A compilation of images from an impromptu female road trip to South Carolina’s Lowcountry last summer. It was one of the most beautiful weeks of my life: introducing my daughter to the ocean, and fumbling across the hot sand with my sister and mama. I witnessed for the first time loblolly pines, cypress knees, and Spanish moss. I was not ready to share these images a year ago, but today I am. That topmost photo remains my favorite image of Rosemary and I, from her very first encounter with the Atlantic.

Have you taken a spur of the moment road trip somewhere? If yes, where to?