worsted twist



It's a wonderful feeling to be on the other side of a knitting project — from a long-term work-in-progress to a finished object draped over the shoulders of the person for whom it was always intended. This particular wrap (a modified version of Brooklyn Tweed's Guernsey Wrap) was a labor of love, a Christmas collaboration between my dad and I for my mama. For the three weeks leading up to Christmas, I woke up an hour early to knit by the light of our Christmas tree. Having this garment on my lap every morning was like having my mama with me; there she would be, always on my mind. The subtle power of knitting for a loved one. For the yarn, I used a merino wool for its utter softness and lovely drape (in worsted twist, colors sea salt and berry). The wonders of knitting with natural fiber—or plant and animal yarns—continues to propel my own fascination with the craft. To make something out of something else that grew from the earth, naturally . . . what a wild and beautiful act!

The "Gurny Wrap" might be beautiful, but the Gurny (her name, as chosen by her grandchildren) is simply ineffable.